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giovedì 12 febbraio 2009

through the glass...

Who knows how many thousand unexpectedly accidents...
...a variation in the weather, the availability of a ship, a sudden storm...
...all these people, with their separate dreams and worries,
here to this island...through the glass...waiting for a coincidence.

the tide is irresistible and irreversible.

3 commenti:

  1. "Now's the time to turn the tide,
    Now's the time to fight..."
    (RUSH, Red Tide)

  2. Arrivo qua, per sentieri tortuosi, all'una del mattino...stasera, addolcita dal calore del vino di una cena chiassosa, sprofondo nel silenzio delle poesie di Mark Strand, e aspetto il sonno.
    Che arriverà, spero presto, per portarsi via questi pensieri pesanti. Ritornerò.

    "He said it would always be what might have been,
    a city about to happen, a city never completed,
    one that disappeared with hardly a trace, inside
    or beneath the outer city, making the outer one -the one in which we spen our waking hours -
    seem pointless and dull. It would always be
    a city in the dark, a city so shy that it waited,
    dreading the moment that was never to be"
    (MARK STRAND, Conversation).